Lunglung Pancake Luddite Two: Robot Hermit Condor
McClintic Wildlife Management Area Thunderbird Momo the Pumpkin Headed Bigfoot Werfer
G'Wazzl G'Wook Red Headed Zombie Tesla's Death-Ray 
Male Pattern Bigfoot
Loren Coleman Guy Edwards Michael Rugg The Dover Demon
Japan 17BP Thomas Edison Was Not a Good Man Your Favorite Purple Monster Snabbit
PMC: Years Later the Ogre Regretted His Actions Jimi Stardust and the Experience from Mars Ghost of Ed Leedskalnin Snout Beetle
Bugsy Schwarz Togus! Blue Kimono Dan Bookham's Dirk Thrust & the Beekeeper of Kandahar
David Sutton’s David Tabak as Andy Finkle’s Ken PanGalactic Famous Chicken Pete Rose, You Are Forgiven Mr. Pinkwater in a Chicken Costume
The Entertainer The Trachtenburgs: I'm not saying they're better than your family, just more interesting Doombunny Bishopville, SC
Luddite The Inquisitive Hunchback Diana MENSA
All Ball Sexxy Lady Insecurity A Basement in Ohio


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